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29.12.2017 0

An eventful year for Marbach

The Heilbronn-based die-maker Marbach can look back on an eventful year 2017. The globally active company has not only attracted attention through its numerous innovations, but has also invested heavily in buildings and machinery. 

Packaging. Performance. You.

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21.12.2017 0

Joint venture with Masterwork in China

The die-making company Marbach, has shown strong efforts for international growth in recent years. A production facility in the USA was followed by another one in Malaysia. The Heilbronn-based company is now planning to strengthen its activities in Asia and will therefore expand further in 2018.   On December 19, 2017 the contract for a joint venture with the die-cutting machine manufacturer Masterwork Machinery Co. Ltd. was signed in Tianjin, China.

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13.12.2017 0

New platen cleaning device for even more productivity in the die-cutting process

Marbach Automation & Service now offers a cleaning device for corrugated board die-cutting machines: the mplaten|cleaner. With it, the platen of a die-cutting machine can be cleaned efficiently by the machine operator and the machine’s productivity increased. The productivity requirements of the market for die-cutting tools are high. Ever shorter make-ready times are demanded. Important factors in minimizing these times are the technological equipment and the quality of the die-cutting, stripping and blanking tools themselves.

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13.12.2017 0

Zünd Cut Center 3.0 – more efficient, more productive

Zünd releases Version 3.0 of its comprehensive Zünd Cut Center – ZCC software suite. It offers additional and enhanced registration methods for even greater productivity as well as an added, browser-based Dashboard for remote access to all performance and production data.

Zünd has expanded its already comprehensive software suite with new functionalities and another boost in performance and user-friendly operation. The new release includes a variety of intelligent workflow options. Additional registration methods generate significant increases in overall productivity.

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06.12.2017 0

Marbach supports various aid projects

Marbach is approaching the end of an eventful year. But with all that, Marbach has not forgotten people who are less fortunate. And that's why this Heilbronn-based company has remained true for many years to one key principle: "donating instead of giving". When selecting the recipients of donations, it is important for the Marbach management to divide the money between internationally well-known and regionally respected institutions. This year Marbach donated 7,000 euros to the aid organization Help for Self-Help e.V. and 3,000 euros to the Kindersolbad gGmbH in Bad Friedrichshall. 

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29.11.2017 0

Marbach further extends its portfolio

Marbach has always focused on improving their customers performance. Against this background, Marbach has extended its knowledge and abilities during the last months. Besides innovative products, Marbach also offers its customers comprehensive services  and recently training courses.   

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22.11.2017 0

Tool package for hygienically die-cut packaging

Marbach launched its tool marbaclean onto the market last year. Product safety and conformity to highest hygiene demands are benefits, that are attracting great interest in the market. Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: ‘‘Product safety and hygiene are significant factors for many of our customers when ordering tools. Especially in the food industry the importance of these factors is increasing more and more. We have noticed this since the interest on our solution marbaclean has increased significantly during the last months.

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15.11.2017 0

Sealed Air uses the Marbach technology pure edge for all tools

The Heilbronn-based die-maker Marbach presented some time ago its technology for optically appealing visible edges in corrugated board packaging. Since then various customers are employing pure edge. One of these customers is the Sealed Air Verpackungen GmbH in Alsfeld, Germany. Sealed Air has been so convinced by this technology that in the meantime all its tools for single-wall corrugated board have been equipped with pure edge.

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25.10.2017 0

Marbach training center: preparations are running at full speed

The preparations for Marbach’s new training center are running at full speed. The official start is planned for the beginning of 2018. 

The new training center will offer its customers training on the topics of die-cutting of paperboard and corrugated board., productivity, and the significant reduction of make-ready time. 

The training programmes will be under the name “Marbach Academy. More knowledge. More Skills.” They will be practice-oriented with the goal of not only informing participants, but also providing them with added value. 

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18.10.2017 0

Packaging refinement

Marbach Technologies continues to refines its products to provide their customers with a better experience when it comes to packaging. 

These refinements include 2D and 3D de- and embossing, refinement of luxury packaging, elegant opening mechanisms, and more attractive visual edges for corrugated board packaging. 

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