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06.09.2017 0

Athena Graphics endorses GMG ColorPlugin

Athena Graphics, Belgium’s leading flexo prepress provider, recently endorsed GMG ColorPlugin as it allowed the company to save time and improve the quality of their colour edits and layouts.

The technology allows colour-accurate softproofing as well as conversions between colour spaces, and the possibility to remove individual colour channels or to exchange them with others.


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20.07.2017 0

Flint Group launches nyloflex FTC Digital for corrugated postprint

The Flint Group launched the nyloflex FTC digital plate, with flat top dots to significantly reduces fluting from fine to rough flute. According to the manufacturer the plate offers outstanding print quality, promising more defined highlights and more precise reproduction of text and codes. Moreover, it features an excellent ink transfer which results to exceptionally smooth solids with even ink laydown. 

The plate was released to address the need for more affordable liners with good print quality in corrugated postprint. 

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15.06.2017 0

MacDermid launches new medium durometer plate

MacDermid expands the LUX In-The-Plate family with ITP M, a softer plate for applications requiring excellent ink coverage and superior plate durability. LUX ITP M is the latest in a series of recent product introductions from MacDermid that leverage the company’s expertise in dot shape engineering. ITP M is specifically designed for paper stock, preprinted liner board and other applications where a combination of high durability and excellent ink laydown is required.

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06.04.2017 0

Esko Crystal 5080 XPS wins Red Dot Award

Esko is pleased to announce that they have won a Red Dot Award for their CDI Crystal 5080 XPS flexo platemaking solution. The design caught the judge’s attention due to its modern appearance, outstanding ergonomics, ease of use and the innovation incorporated into it. Thomas Klein, Esko’s Vice President Hardware explained that winning this award is a major achievement. He added that they still focus on improving the ease of use on this system. They will be handed the award at the Red Dot Gala on July 3 in Essen.  

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23.02.2017 0

Vianord Engineering and the future of platemaking

Vianord Engineering announces the expansion of its corporate headquarters and the opening of its first customer technology center in France, which features two fully automated flexo-plate processing EVO lines. The new customer technology center was inaugurated on Jan 23 with a visit from a number of representatives of Schawk (a Matthews International company). The center will serve as a base for Vianord Engineering to work with customers to mutually address the current demands of the market.

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24.11.2016 0

Asahi presents new plate for post printing corrugated board

Asahi Photoproducts announced that it is relaunching AFPTM-SE/DSE solid photopolymer flexographic printing plates to meet market demand for a single-source provider of printing plates for all flexographic printing applications.
“We are seeing a demand from repro houses for a single-source flexo plate supplier that offers a variety of plate thicknesses to address all flexographic applications,” said David Galton, Sales Director for Asahi Photoproducts. 

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27.10.2016 0

DuPont launches new plate for corrugated printing

DuPont announced the introduction of the DuPont Cyrel EASY EPC, which is a soft digital plate with a built-in flat top dot developed especially for the post-print corrugated printers.

According to DuPont, the Cyrel EASY EPC delivers the highest quality image reproduction while minimizing the fluting effect when printing on a wide variety of corrugated boards.  

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06.10.2016 0

Flint introduces new thermal plate processing technology

 Flint Group Flexographic Products introduced the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System for flexo printing plates.

At the heart of the processing system lies the nyloflex Thermal Printing Plates specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well in the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor.

The first of these plates – nyloflex XPH and nyloflex XPM Digital Printing Plates – offer extraordinary detail with highlights that rival the quality of solvent plates.

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