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Quality Control

21.12.2017 0

GSE donates Table Top Proofer and Ink Management Software

GSE has donated a table-top Perfect Proofer to the Tajamar School of Printing, in Madrid, Spain, to enhance the understanding of flexography, and the importance of colour, print quality and efficient production. Also donated was GSE’s Ink management software.
Tajamar offers a comprehensive educational programme with strong vocational and technology elements. The printing school continues to grow, driven by the demands of the labels and flexible packaging sectors, and has around 350 students, with an annual admission level of about 90 students.

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07.12.2017 0

50,000 Installations and Counting

MoistTech Corp, a Sarasota FL based company, has operated with the support of business for over 40 years manufacturing the world’s most accurate near- infrared (NIR) industrial moisture measurement gauges and has installed over 50,000 gauges and counting to date! The state of the art technology has the ability to combine multiple constituents to adjust to specific needs including the measurement of moisture, fat/oil, coating thickness, hot melts and glues, allowing operating personnel to make immediate adjustments based on real-time measurements.

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25.10.2017 0

Isra equips entire production of Model

Model AG Group is automating its entire production chain with systems from ISRA VISION. Two technologies – PaperMASTER for paper or cardboard inspection, and CartonSTAR for the inspection of printed cardboard materials, will be installed. 

The investment in new technology is brought upon by the increasing demand from the customers to monitor their production and be able to track their orders. 

Aside from precise defect detection, PaperMASTER and CartonSTAR also offer an impressive classification performance. 

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15.06.2017 0

MoistTech is helping to save money by implementing the process control

The manufacturing line can enjoy several benefits with process control like reduced cost of energy, increased productivity and less waste.

MoistTech is using the Near Infrared (NIR) Technology to help the industries produce high-quality products by implementing process control.

The reliable readings of the systems with zero maintenance will help to identify the insensitivities in the material variations.

The non-drift optical design has a one-time calibration that allows the operating manager to make quick adjustments.

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09.03.2017 0

Moisture Content in Corrugated Wax Coating

Wax coating is a common application in the corrugating industry. The correct amount of moisture is essential. A moisture control system is used to accurately detect moisture in raw material and MoistTech has developed the IR 3000 Moisture Sensor ideally suited to measure this relationship. With this new technology, corrugators are able to improve product quality, reduce wax consumption and save costs. Various other benefits are also present.

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23.02.2017 0

L&W S-Tester launched

L&W S-Tester is offering a better and easier method for strength classification of medium fluting and will help paper producers to save time, improve quality and reduce costs. CCB-CEPI developed the method and the main idea is to over come the tedious sample preparation needed in producing the test pieces and performing the CMT test in a crush tester. This method also measures the failure strength of a test piece loaded in compression when the initial span length is 4 mm and the offset is fixed to 1 mm.

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22.09.2016 0

Valmet received 9 orders for automated paper testing laboratory

Valmet has recently received nine orders for its automated paper testing laboratory from various paper mills around the world. Three of the Valmet Paper Lab units will be delivered to North America, four to Europe and two to Asia. The deliveries will take place later this year.

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