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31.01.2018 0

McGowans of Dublin install 2 Gluers from Lamina System

McGowans Print of Dublin is Ireland’s leading digital printer and an international leader in print innovation. The company operates more than 25 digital presses and is a market leader in Ireland for both cut-sheet and superwide-format digital production printing.

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29.12.2017 0

Fasline Edge for Grand Master LLC

Armenia-based Grand Master LLC has recently taken delivery of a 1116 Fasline Edge, confirms Peter Hjalmarsson of Lamin System AB. Located in Masis in the Ararat region, Republic of Armenia, Grand Master is part of Grand Holding, one of the largest industrial groups in the Transcaucasia region. As well as producing corrugated packaging, the company also has offset printing in house and they are using the new Fasline Edge to laminate litho printed top sheets to corrugated board for highly decorative corrugated boxes. The machine was sold by Lamina’s agent in the area, Apostrof.

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23.06.2017 0

Lamina Blackline 1620 is going to be introduced in KEP

KEP Print Group is about to install the high-speed Lamina Blackline 1620 to meet the increased sales growth and the demands of the customers.

The latest machine runs four times faster and the company will not have to run it 24 hours to meet their demands. The family business that started from the garage showed growth and now they have a workforce of 120 employees.


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23.06.2017 0

Smurfit Kappa Polska installed Lamina 1630 SA

It has been recently confirmed by the Managing Director of Boras, Peter Hjalmarson Sweden-based Lamina System AB that Smurfit Kappa Polska has installed the latest 1630 SA.

For the litho laminated work, the system will help to increase the capacity of corrugated box plant.


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18.05.2017 0

Semi-automatic model for French POP specialist

Founded in 2002, LVH Façonnage & Numérique is a leading POP and POS producer in France. Employing 43 people, the company generates over €8 million per year in sales. The company produces about 700,000 sqm of laminated corrugated products per year, mainly in E flute and EE doubelwall. To assist with future growth, the company recently took delivery of a 1620 SA litho-laminator, manufactured by Boras, Sweden-based Lamina System AB.


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