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23.08.2017 0

marbaspeed is released for flatbed die-cutters

Marbach has recently added to its portfolio the marbaspeed cutting-die for corrugated board, a special high-speed tool for flatbed die-cutting. It utilizes a new type of rubber called the Marbach flexpower, traditionally used only for rotary tools.
The use of flexpower in die-cutting ensures high machine speeds, and it allows for large quantities due to its durability.
The introduction of the new technology was brought about by the company’s desire to improve the customers’ experience through a smooth production process.

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26.07.2017 0

Nick Grinders are Available at Marbach

Marbach offers nick grinders of five different types. Their top-sellers are mafix and the NG31AKKU.


The mafix can precisely grind nicks between 0.2 and 0.3mm, while the NG31 AKKU can precisely grind nick between 0.2 and 3.0mm.


These nick grinders were developed in response to the need for smaller nicks in the market. Having nick grinders will make Marbach’s customers well-equipped when the need for re-grinding on-site arises.  

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26.07.2017 0

Marbach’s new blanking technology establishes itself

Heilbronn-based die-maker Marbach’s new blanking technology has established itself more and more during the past months, gaining over 100 customers worldwide and counting.


The new technology has been launched more than a year ago and has been gaining popularity since.


The marbablanker and the lightblanker are installed directly on-site due to the growing demand. They cause higher productivity, and an exact separation of blanks, making production more efficient than with conventional blanking technologies.  

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13.07.2017 0

New Brausse for Marbach

On the 3rd of July, the new Brausse 1060 ER was delivered to Marbach in Heilbronn. With it, Marbach will create a training center for internal and external trainings during the next months. Moreover, using this machine, Marbach will test new solutions and even better fulfil customer requirements. According to Marbach, the machine is already booked out for the next months.  

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29.06.2017 0

Secure transport of corrugated board tools

Marbach has a new system in place, with which cutting-die and guillotine for corrugated board can be fixed to each other for transport and storage. Guillotines are used in the corrugated board division in order to separate the die-cut blank from the front trim waste of the sheet size. 

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