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23.06.2017 0

Marbach Poland in Kielce won the award for the most beautiful building

Among the 16 buildings of Marbach that are located in Kielce, they recently shifted into the new building that won the award.

The construction 1,580 m2 building started in 2014 and they moved in 2016 not only the owners but the employees were happy with the change.

The building was advertised in Echo Dnia and nominated it for all the categories that should be present in the best building.

The building is based on the future and they are very proud that they won the first prize.

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15.06.2017 0

Digital Zone levelling is taking Marbach on the road to success

The Digital Zone levelling tool has 150 machines that work on 76, 102 to 106 and 142 to 145 formats and soon 130 and 162 will be introduced.

Digital Zone levelling is more efficient, durable and it will increase the performance of the packaging production.

It has been helping to save 30 to 50% time of the customers that can consume to enhance the productivity of their business.

Due to increasing profit, most of the customers have already bought the entire collection of Digital Zone levelling machines.

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25.05.2017 0

Training centre from Marbach

Marbach has planned a training center for its customers. So Marbach customers can not only order the appropriate tooling technologies in the future. But they can also benefit from the essential knowhow of this market leader. The planned trainings will be characterized by high practical relevance. The participants will also get many valuable tips and tricks to make their daily work much easier. Brunner: ‘‘We are currently working on a concept for the new Marbach training center. The first trainings should take place this later year.’’

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04.05.2017 0

Marbach Introduces New Technology of Reverse Cutting

The Heilbronn-Based, Marbach manufacturer of cutting-die has optimized reverse cutting option with a new height-adjustable anvil. It will provide a corrugated board or paperboard packaging with the tear-off feature.

According to Tina Dost, the Marketing Manager, “with the use of reverse cutting technology, highest meticulousness is important for optimal function as in this technology; the board is scribed from both the inside and outside of the package. And the task has become more difficult when the thinner paperboard is used.”

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04.05.2017 0

Marbach buys Brausse

Marbach, the manufacturer of cutting die, expanded its machine park and ordered a die-cutting machine from Brausse, Europe. In the summer, the Brausse 1060 ER will be delivered to Marbach.

The Brausse 1060 ER is a die-cutting machine with stripping, cutting, and blanking stations come with a maximum sheet size of 1,060 x 750mm and able to process corrugated board of up to 4 mm and paperboard between 80 and 1,600 g/qm.

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