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08.11.2017 0

Lathrop lands 140 more jobs

Lathrop will be bringing nearly 140 jobs for their facility at 2131 E. Louise Avenue across from Super Store Industries. The jobs range from human resources and shipping to quality control and manufacturing, according to the job search engine 

This was a cause for celebration for the local city council, who envisions bringing more jobs to their locality. 

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20.09.2017 0

Pratt outlines San Francisco box plans

Anthony Pratt announced that he will be building his next American box factory in the greater San Francisco Area. The investment is estimated to total to $US 500 million as part of his pledge to spend $US 2 billion in the world’s biggest economy.

The new San Francisco plant will be equipped with the latest of technologies including a robotics model which produces 135,000 tonnes of product a year.

They are hoping to eventually migrate to the Los Angeles area.


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11.05.2017 0

Pratt Moves to Newly-Opened MRF in SC

Paper and packaging company Pratt Industries opened a new material recovery facility (MRF) in Columbia, South Carolina.
It opened an earlier facility in West Columbia in 2007 but has since “outgrown” it and has moved its facility to 120 Atlas Court.
The Georgia-based company says that its new 40,000 sq. foot facility with its ability to produce 4,000 tons of paper a month will help meet the recycling needs in Columbia.
The paper will be used as fiber for Pratt’s recycled paper mill in Conyers, Georgia.

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