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Schumacher Packaging

06.12.2017 0

Schumacher built new pallet warehouse for just-in-time delivery

The Schumacher Packaging Group has expanded its production and warehouse capacity at its Breda site. The Breda plant has involved a new and significantly larger building for this purpose. With the new building, the production area for the display specialist will be tripled to 15,000 square meters. In addition, the packaging manufacturer now has a completely new pallet warehouse with 7,500 places in the plant.

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13.07.2017 0

Wulf Schumacher deceased

Schumacher Packaging announces that Wulf Schumacher had passed away at age 78.  
In 1957 he took over management of Schuhmacher Packaging from his father. Today, Schumacher Packaging is one of the largest family run packaging producers.


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01.06.2017 0

Schumacher Packaging acquires multiple competitors

The Schumacher Packaging Group has taken over three packaging service providers - Konverdi GmbH and Konverdi Copacking GmbH in Germany and Nypack sro In the Czech Republic - and thereby expanded its range of services in the field of co-packing as well as special and composite packaging. Through its integration, the packaging specialist offers its customers even more flexible services to the point-of-sale as well as composite packaging and special constructions for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

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